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Where to Go for Treadmill and Other Exercise Equipment Service and Repairs

High-end specialty fitness equipment should be treated like the elite machines they are. Equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, home gyms and vibration trainers can cost anywhere from $1,000-$10,000, or even more.

With that kind of an investment, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s care for instructions and also have it serviced regularly. If you use your specialty fitness equipment consistently, it should be serviced as often as once a year. If you don’t use it frequently, then every two years would be OK.

When finding a service technician to service your specialty fitness equipment, search the Internet, look in newspaper ads, or ask friends and associates for references. Look for these qualities in an exercise equipment repairman:

* Is the service person part of a respected business?

* Is the service person trained and certified specifically to work on exercise equipment?

* What references does the service person have?

It’s better to get regular tune-ups on your exercise equipment, but if a major problem develops then you can also call a service technician to make the repair.

Here are some of the things a fitness service person will inspect, clean and-or adjust on your treadmill: running belt, alignment and tension, running deck and belt, Amperage draw test, wipe down running bed and display console, drive belt alignment and tension, motor speed sensor, motor brushes and commutator, motor controller P.C.B., motor calibration and function, Inspect all electrical connections and, finally, drive and take-up rollers.

A treadmill tune-up should also include lubricating the deck as needed and vacuuming under the hood of the treadmill.

Have this list handy when you search for specialty fitness service providers in your area and make sure they will provide these types of services.

This is a list of things to check just on a treadmill. There are many similar things to clean, adjust of fix on other types of specialty fitness.

A good repairman will make these types of checks and adjustments during his visit. Sometimes broken or damaged parts may actually still be under warranty and an owner might not know it, so the serviceperson should also check into that.

In order to keep your exercise equipment working in top condition, scheduling a quick service visit once every year or two is well worth it. Oftentimes, service technicians will travel to your house to work on the equipment. It’s recommended to find repairmen or repairwomen who specialize in working on and repairing specialty fitness equipment. Check with specialty fitness equipment retail stores in your area as oftentimes they also have a service department.