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Vacations That Build a Stronger, Healthier You

If you are struggling for a new twist on this year’s vacation, a fitness getaway might be right up your alley. So you are asking yourself, what is a fitness getaway? Fitness getaways, alternately called fitness vacations or fitness retreats, are the latest trend in vacations. Tired of lazing around a pool or on the beach, eating and drinking yourself into a place where you all you can think about is hitting the gym after your vacation is over? Many vacationers are opting instead for a healthier getaway that will truly renew them and leave them feeling invigorated at the end of their travels.

Held at varying destinations, fitness getaways offer vacationers a program of fitness activities combined with healthy nutritionally balanced meals all set in a luxury environment with all the amenities of a regular vacation. After all, who says a booty-kicking, get in shape, weight loss fitness camp can’t also be luxurious?

What makes fitness getaways so appealing is that they are a pleasant blending of all things wonderful that make us not only feed good, but feel good about ourselves.  Beginning with the fitness aspects of the program which would include activities such as boot camp workouts on the beach, biking, kayaking, personal training sessions, yoga or pilates to enjoying healthy, delicious gourmet meals and scrumptious body melting spa services.  This  type of “sweaty escape” is a perfect way for vacationers to get healthy, rested and even lose a few pounds.

Most programs have structured days full of varying fitness activities.  Some provide nutritional instruction and others include healthy cooking classes and possibly shopping excursions that educate participants on how to read nutritional labels and make healthy grocery selections.  Many programs include a fitness assessment too and exercises are tailored to the participants fitness level.  While the programs are physically intense and challenging, fitness vacations are not all work and no play.  There is still private time each day for enjoying the beach, spoiling yourself with spa services or relaxing before the next day’s schedule of fitness begins. The balance between hard work and leisure time provides guests with a getaway that is healthy for the body, mind and spirit.

So, whether you are a fit enthusiast ready to take it up a notch or a couch potato in desperate need of a lifestyle change, a fitness vacation has something for everyone and a fitness getaway could be just the prescription for your next vacation.